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Employers: Win the War for Talent

Stoakley-Stewart Consultants is the “Professional Scout” for your organization. We are committed to presenting only well-qualified candidates for your job vacancies. We won’t waste your time and we will give you feedback on the actual market situation and conditions. In addition to rigorous screening of the candidates, we are able to approach those currently in similar jobs in your industry while maintaining complete confidentiality. We can also engage prospective candidates known to you who you are unable to approach directly.
  • Why Choose Stoakley?
  • Stoakley-Stewart Facts
Stoakley-Stewart Consultants is the “Professional Scout” for your organization; add us to your arsenal in the War for Talent.
We are committed to presenting the hard to find talent you require to meet your organizational goals, both now and in the future. We are proud of our long-standing tradition of making introductions that few others can make, creating a winning atmosphere where the right candidate successfully joins the right organization, forming a mutually beneficial union.
Our industry experts recognize what “good” looks like and know how to engage with the candidates that you will want to hire. Hence we won’t waste your time, we are professional ambassadors of your company, and we provide you with real-world feedback on actual market conditions in real-time.
Some additional reasons you should partner with us for your important hiring needs…

A long history of success

Founded in 1977, we have accumulated four decades of success in recruiting across a wide range of industries, occupations and geographies. We have gloried in the good times and hung in there through the bad, when many of our industry colleagues have closed up shop. 

Our recruiters specialize by industry

Each of our consultants specializes in a small number of industry and functional verticals. Most of them have been employed in these same industries earlier in their careers; often in senior professional roles, in executive positions, and in talent acquisition capacities. Thus we have firsthand experience with many of the positions we are hired to fill.

Our in-depth market knowledge and expertise

Our experienced recruitment consultants are experts on market conditions relating to personnel requirements. By getting to know (and maintaining contact with) key individuals in companies, associations, private groups, and more…our recruiters can provide insights regarding the supply of personnel in specific areas – and spot trends as they develop.

Extensive recruitment experience

Together, our consultants boast hundreds of years of experience in recruitment and search. They are persistent, talented, dedicated, thorough, and merit their reputation for professionalism, integrity, commitment and positive results.

Flexible fee structures that meet your needs

We offer a menu of contingency, engaged and retained search fee structures in a variety of forms at competitive rates, and conduct searches for direct (permanent) hire and long term (6 month plus) contract positions.

Avoid hiring mistakes

We offer a range of verification services, background checks, and psychological assessment tools to help you fine tune your hiring decision and be confident in hiring through us. From verification checks  results returned within hours, to convenient online questionnaires, to more in-depth evaluation processes…these services may be purchased independently or in conjunction with a search assignment.

Access to millions of candidates

From our proprietary database of over 500,000 profiles, to rare talent represented by our partner affiliates, to subscriptions to the world’s major job boards and resumé resources, we have unfettered access to tens of millions of candidates. More importantly, we are masters of the lost art of HEADHUNTING, actively reaching out in a professional and engaging manner to top talent at select target organizations.

Confidential search services

Of particular note is our extremely effective and time-tested confidential search process, allowing us to approach top talent currently in similar jobs in your industry, all while maintaining complete anonymity. This means we can engage candidates known to you, but whom you are unable to approach directly.

Brand ambassadorship on your behalf

In representing our clients at every step, we take great pride in our ability to engage with the candidate marketplace in a fashion that will reflect positively on your organization. We take our role as brand steward very seriously and will always act as a positive ambassador for your organization.

Boutique firm touch and feel but with global reach

We are a long-time, award-winning partner of a member-owned, global network of independent executive recruiting consultants. Our membership gives us access to the 550 member offices with more than 1,500 individual consultants in over 50 countries  spanning 6 continents. This vast vast. exclusive and unmatched network is directly responsible for placing 50,000+ professionals over the past six decades.

Latest technology and tools to save you time and money

From the most popular mobile apps, to video interviewing, to social recruiting, to early adoption of trending technology, we stay ahead of the curve and offer services built for the 21st century. As a result, our recruiters can meet face-to-face, and engage with applicants, anywhere in the world. This helps keep your interview expenses down and takes the mystery out of meeting candidates where in-person interviews are simply not feasible.

Here are some frequently asked questions we get from employers, hiring managers, HR and talent acquisition professionals alike. If you have a question for us that doesn’t appear here, please don’t be shy, just send an email to info@stoakley.com. Or better yet, feel free to personally call our President, Trevor Stewart (888.226.6685 x236) for a conversation about your organization’s hiring needs and how we can help.

Our fees are calculated as a percentage of the successfully placed candidate’s base salary, plus applicable taxes. Historically we are a retained Executive Search Firm; however, Stoakley-Stewart has evolved to offer a variety of fee structures that we can customize to best suit the needs of our clientele taking into account the specifics of the situation and the nature of the position. We are pleased to discuss the merits of the various fee structures with you.

Regardless of which fee arrangement you decide to adopt, our recruitment consultants always conduct extensive market research and provide thoroughly vetted candidates, sure to be rising stars contributing to a brighter future for your organization.

Both! Let us explain. We do boast consultants with a generalist background but who have developed specialties over the years.

And yes, we are confident we can help you with most (if not all) of your important hiring needs. But generally speaking each of our top-notch recruitment consultants is as a subject matter expert in their chosen field(s). They specialize in a small number of industry verticals and most of them have been employed in these same industries.

Some have been employed in senior professional roles and executive positions during their career. Thus, we have firsthand experience with many of the positions we are hired to fill.

Please visit our Team page to learn more about each of our recruitment consultants' areas of expertise, industries served, types of positions they fill, plus their professional backgrounds.

We could list all of our areas of expertise, specialty practices and industry verticals here...but that would be a lengthy list! We're proud of our specialization and feel it's our clients' advantage when they partner with us for their most important hiring needs.

Because we're always seeking out, and adding to our team, industry specialized recruiters we would encourage you to visit our Areas of Expertise page to learn more about our specialties, the recruiters that serve them, and just some of our open and recently filled positions in those areas.

Our recruiters are experienced, ethical, honest, and specialized consultants.

Our team members are husbands, wives, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters who work hard, appreciate the value of a job well done, and take genuine pride in what they do and how the help both organizations and talented professionals advance their respective worlds and the world economy as a whole.

Our consultants listen, share, counsel, and empathize. Checking their egos at the door, they are your willing partners, acting extensions of your talent acquisition team. They are keen and mindful ambassadors of your company; working tirelessly every day to advocate on behalf of your brand, to proliferate your unique value proposition, and to promote your influence exponentially across Canada, the U.S., and the world abroad.

Our recruiters are on your side. This is, and always has been, our way. This giver's gain approach is one that simply never fails. It is a way of doing business that never goes out of style. And it has directly resulted in loyal, longtime clients who have aided our longevity and provided us with the endurance to prosper through both good times and bad.

All since 1977.

As much as we endeavor to prevent this happening, candidates and employers are human too. Rest assured, we have guarantees to back up our work but there are certain nuances and extenuating circumstances out of everyone's control that prevents our guarantee from being a one-size-fits-all warranty.

So before our services commissioned and any search is commenced and, we discuss all of this with you and arrive at a mutually agreed upon guarantee period and set of conditions.

Rest assured, we don't proceed unless you're comfortable and happy with the terms of business, including the guarantee. It's simply best practices, an industry standard, and something we agree upon together with every client, for every search. You can rest easy knowing your investment with is protected and backed-up with more than just platitudes and airy, empty promises.

We're good at what we do but nobody has a 100% success or fill rate. That's life! Suffice it to say, you're never under any obligation to hire any of the candidates we present but in our experience our clients love the talent we identify, engage with and send their way. At least one of them! (and typically that's all it takes, right?)

We are recruitment consultants. Before we commence a search on your organization's behalf we truly endeavor to get to your know your specific needs, certain intangibles, how to champion your company, brand and opportunity...so it is our experience that clients particularly like the candidates we present, wish to interview them, and want to hire them. It's what we do...since 1977.

Part of our consultative approach, is identifying not only how we're hitting the mark but also if we're missing it. If it comes to pass you don't like any of the candidates we present (so rare), have no fear. Tell us and let's talk. We will listen, learn where the disconnect is occurring, provide you with our strategy to rectify it, re-calibrate our efforts and get right back to it, better identifying and presenting your organization with the to find you the right-fit talent you truly desire.

Bottom line: nobody can compel your organization to hire anyone...we can counsel, consult, recommend and impart our expertise...but the hiring decision is always yours and yours alone. Never pressure!

Soon! How soon is soon though? That depends on a variety of factors: some within our control, some within yours. But rest assured the moment we agree to terms and you give us the official green light to start a search, we are on it! Same day.

We begin without delay and typically have engaged with right-fit, best-in-market, and interested candidates presented to you in very short order.

While we are not a temporary staffing agency from whom you can expect next day turnaround on talent, bottom line...we appreciate each and every mandate with we're entrusted, begin searching without delay, and we present you with right-fit talent expeditiously.

It's your company, your talent need(s), and your decision. Reasons for cancellation a search are varied, complex, disappointing but reality, and often through no fault of yours or ours. That's life and that's business for you.

However, if given the chance to understand why, sometimes we can help you find a way to keep the search going and still find a happy ending to your story with us. Call us eternal optimists, but we've always believed "where there's a will, there's a way". That being said, if there are simply no "ifs ands or buts" about it, no worries. We simply ask you let us know one way or another such that our recruitment consultants working on your search don't misplace their efforts nor engage with candidates about the prospect of working for your organization, raising their hopes and aspirations, only to disappoint them. After all, that's not good for all three of us!

Yes we do! Consider us your one-stop, thorough, comprehensive, and A to Z recruitment solution.

Whether it's your organization's hiring policy and process, or if you simply require peace of mind, at your request we can provide criminal background checks, employment history verification, education verification, and driver abstracts etc. services for those you wish to hire and make an official offer. We partner with a specialized, industry-leader in pre-employment verification services for expressly these matters.

Our vendor's turnaround time on such services are expeditious, sometimes just a few minutes, minutes and always within a few short hours. Certain verifications can take up 24-48 hours max. We're sensitive to, and keenly aware, that in this competitive marketplace the in-demand talent is often balancing several opportunities at once and even multiple job offers at any given time. And we also know that time kills all deals.

When there's no time to waste, it's important to have the right recruitment firm on your side who understand sense of urgency. And a firm that also has the right tools, resources and partners on their side. And as we all know, good help is hard to find! So hire with us, hire with confidence, and rest a little easier!

Yes we do! We partner with the right skills testing and aptitude assessment services to offer you the value-add of putting candidates' abilities to the test. Saying it is one thing...proving it is another.

We help you identify The real McCoys so you're assured of the genuine article. Hire through us, hire with confidence!

Yes we do! We are happy to conduct reference checks of our presented candidate(s) whom you wish to hire and/or make an offer to. We consider it part of the job.

However, in this day and age, we appreciate that more and more organizations wish to conduct this exercise themselves. So we are also more than fine leaving this part of the process to you if this is your preference. We can certainly help you facilitate them through the candidate and leave the follow-up to you.

Whatever your preference!


Stoakley-Stewart Consultants Ltd. is an Executive Search/Recruiting firm with an impressive domestic presence and strong international reach. We opened our doors in 1977 and have grown to be one of the most successful employment agencies in Canada. We house a team of top-notch consultants, each acting as a subject matter expert in their chosen field. As a result, we provide professional recruiting services to clients and candidates in a variety of industries, functions and geographies. This expansive breadth of experience allows us, as a firm, to satisfy all of your hiring needs and simultaneously helping with your personal career ambitions.

Our Team

We house a team of top-notch consultants, each acting as a subject matter expert in their chosen field. They specialize in a small number of industry verticals and most of them have been employed in these same industries. This expansive breadth of experience allows, as a firm, to satisfy all of your hiring and employment needs.

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