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a team picture of Don Duff, Senior Recruitment Consultant - Website Photo

Don Duff

Senior Recruitment Consultant
Milton, Ontario

Areas of Expertise:

cargo ship icon in black, with shipping containers on board Freight Forwarding, Customs & Trade

Senior Management icon of an avatar at the top of a formed triangle (presumably the manager), and lines pointing down and then to the left and to the right to waiting avatars of (presumably) employees Senior Management

Supply Chain, Logistics & Distribution icon of a warehouse at the top of the image, an arrow extends from the warehouse down and to the left, indicating direction of wares towards a transport truck, and from the transport truck an arrow extends to the right, pointing to another buildling where the wares will be further transported to for sale or storage etc. Supply Chain, Logistics & Distribution


Customs Brokerage

Freight Forwarding

Supply Chain Management




All Positions

Don developed a high level of expertise and a deep understanding of the supply chain and logistics industry during his successful 30 year 3PL career. He is intimately familiar with all aspects of the business, having started in business development before transitioning through various levels of management with EXEL Global Logistics and DHL Global Forwarding. He concluded his career with DHL as a Director.

Don joined Stoakley-Stewart Consultants as a Senior Recruitment Consultant, having sampled early retirement and coming to the realization he still had experience and value to bring to the marketplace. He brings a well-rounded understanding of the logistics industry from both the provider’s and the consumer’s perspective and is enjoying a rewarding second career identifying and recruiting the very best the industry has to offer.


Our services are paid for by our employer clients. There is no cost to you, the candidate. Our recruitment consultants help talented professionals secure new, exciting and rewarding career opportunities. We treat each unique individual with professionalism, respect and integrity. And we aim to meet your distinct needs by matching you with the right employer and corporate culture for you.

Our Team

We house a team of top-notch consultants, each acting as a subject matter expert in their chosen field. They specialize in a small number of industry verticals and most of them have been employed in these same industries. This expansive breadth of experience allows, as a firm, to satisfy all of your hiring and employment needs.

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