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Deborah was fantastic to work with and very knowledgeable. She helped me with a great new job opportunity! I highly recommend Deborah and the team at Stoakley-Stewart Consultants.

various people, whose hands only are visible, collaborate around a table with laptops and paperwork, on a desk featuring multiple coloured, intertwining arrows in all directions

Samantha G., Marketing Coordinator

We have worked with John Barron at Stoakley-Stewart for the past year or so, we have found him to be the most passionate, dedicated, committed and approachable of recruiters. He has helped fulfilled a key role for us through his perseverance and hopefully many more to follow. Highly recommend.

welder welding something - sparks flying

Tajinder S., Business Owner

Today was my first day with my new employer, everything was smooth and even better than I expected 🙂

The reason why I am contacting you is (besides thanking you for this opportunity) but most importantly, is to tell you that you handled the whole process in the most professional manner I have seen in my 20 years of experience!

I hope you don’t mind if I share your email with my colleagues so they know where they can find a real expert to help them when they are looking for a job!

architecture stock photo, schematics, compass, ruler, woman using pencil to draft architectural drawing

Abdul R., Architectural Field Representative

Stoakley-Stewart takes the time to thoroughly understand the position requirements and has delivered solid candidates consistently.

recruitment concept. Infographic with keywords and icons and industry concepts

Pat H., VP General Manager

I had a great experience here and found the staff very friendly and informative. They found me a great position that fit my experience with good pay and job security. I’ve been with the company for almost a year now and I will definitely be here for years to come.

man in yellow hardhat attending to a machine via a control panel

Kris L., Machine Operator

It’s always a pleasure working with John Barron at Stoakley. He listens and understands what we’re looking for, is always willing to change tack if needed and delivers at a consistently high standard. Responsive, only communicates what’s needed, does a great job. Just what you want.

concept image with a thought bubble or cloud with the words human resources in the middle and various arrows pointing outwards towards key HR terms and key concepts

Joanne C., HR and Payroll Generalist

I would like to thank Stoakley for presenting me the opportunity to realize my full potential, I appreciate it. Honestly, you were very helpful and had genuine concern from my (candidate) perspective as well. In the past I’ve dealt with other recruiters, usually they are very different. Again thank you so much. Look forward to being in touch with you and building a long term, professional relationship.

suitcase with visited countries stamps on a map

Tariq S., International Trade Customs Consultant

Stoakley was a pleasure to partner with and provided a thorough screening process and quality candidates.

recruiting concept, with the words Executive Search in all caps at the top of the image, beneath that a world map and multiple avatars or icons of a person that are all connected via lines to imply a connection between people from different countries, all hovering over a tablet, all in various blues

Jen C., President

Stoakley is a pleasure to work with. They have taken the time to really get to know our business and understands our needs. They are quick, reliable and full of life!

a pack of cartoon geese in a flying-V formation, all in white except for the leader of the pack who is coloured black, signifying the leader/leading duck of the group

Brenda R., VP of Operations

It was a pleasure dealing with such a professional company who not only listen to what you are looking for, they also make sure you reach your right destination. What a smooth ride from start to finish. Thank you so very much once again.

visceral image of various modes of transportation and logistics, cargo ship with freight, transport truck, a crane lifting a red tanker, a blue and yellow train and a metropolis skyline all in the background

Aditya M., Logistics Supervisor

To successfully work through the many complexities and challenges of executive-level placement – speaks volumes of their levels of interest, commitment and competence to their clients, and the companies to which they place.

concept design of a graph bar graph exhibiting growth and a yellow arrow indicating an upward trend, overlaid against a person in a suit pointing at said arrow, on a dark blue background

Michael S., Director, Global Sales

John Barron was very professional throughout the process. He kept me informed of progress and secured me an interview, this led to an offer of employment which I gladly accepted. I would strongly recommend this consultancy and will contact John again should I need help in the future.

3 professionas in business attire, one in a suit with a yellow hard hat, the other two in white hard hats, poring over an architectural drawing or construction schematic

Colin G., Engineering Manager

I worked with John and he was extremely helpful and open through the whole process. I can say with honesty that he was the best and easiest headhunter that I’ve ever worked with. I’ll be sending referrals his way in the future.

concept design of a graph bar graph exhibiting growth and a yellow arrow indicating an upward trend, overlaid against a person in a suit pointing at said arrow, on a dark blue background

Derrick P., Key Account Manager

They’re responsive, professional and positive. Beyond their ability to find great candidates, they’re understanding, patient and never overbearing.

concept of identifying the right person with hand holding up a mangifying glass, highlighting one person amongsts 7, who is holiding a lightbulb diffeentiating them from the rest, with gears and a world map in the background, plus binary sequences of ones and zeros, all on a varying shade of blues background

Andrea P., Talent Acquisition Coordinator

We found a position that was the right-fit for me at that time and they helped me through it beginning to end. I can’t say enough about the quality of assistance I got from the team at Stoakley-Stewart.

Shaneka K., Building Manager, Live-In

Our Team

We house a team of top-notch consultants, each acting as a subject matter expert in their chosen field. They specialize in a small number of industry verticals and most of them have been employed in these same industries. This expansive breadth of experience allows, as a firm, to satisfy all of your hiring and employment needs.

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