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a team picture of Judy Geerts, CPA, CA, B.B.A. - Chief Financial Officer - Website Photo

Judy Geerts, CPA, CA, B.B.A.

Chief Financial Officer
Milton, Ontario
905-821-3455 ext. 233

Areas of Expertise:

Accounting & Finance, a hand facing palm up cradles a circle with a dollar sign ($) within it Accounting & Finance


Finance and Accounting


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Our Chief Financial Officer and CPA, CA extraordinaire, Judy Geerts, brings to the firm an incredible depth of expertise across a broad swath of accounting and finance areas.

Having worked for both public and private corporations over the course of her career, Judy’s experience has spanned general accounting, forensic accounting, mergers & acquisitions, and banking.

Early in her career she began an exciting and rewarding ten year journey with Ernst & Young which saw her excel in the diverse disciplines of: Auditing, Entrepreneurial Services, Forensic and Litigation Accounting, Mergers & Acquisitions. Building upon this incredible foundation, Judy further expanded her breadth of knowledge by joining Citibank in the capacity of Assistant Vice President, Financial Control.

She took time off when her daughters were younger, and we were lucky to nab Judy to apply her accounting acumen and keen eye for detail with Stoakley-Stewart Consultants. Our firm benefits greatly from the top notch accounting and financial systems that Judy has put in place and keeps in tip top order; never before has this aspect of our business run so smoothly and efficiently.


While servicing our clients through the application of diligent financial best practices as well as exceptional customer service, she has also been steeping herself in the recruiting profession, and is looking to master yet another area of expertise by providing recruiting services in the areas of accounting and finance.


Our services are paid for by our employer clients. There is no cost to you, the candidate. Our recruitment consultants help talented professionals secure new, exciting and rewarding career opportunities. We treat each unique individual with professionalism, respect and integrity. And we aim to meet your distinct needs by matching you with the right employer and corporate culture for you.

Our Team

We house a team of top-notch consultants, each acting as a subject matter expert in their chosen field. They specialize in a small number of industry verticals and most of them have been employed in these same industries. This expansive breadth of experience allows, as a firm, to satisfy all of your hiring and employment needs.

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