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a team picture of Magda Salem, B.Sc - Division Manager, Construction, Property and Facilities

Magda Salem, B.Sc

Division Manager – Construction
Milton, Ontario
905-821-3455 ext. 227

Areas of Expertise:

Accounting & Finance, a hand facing palm up cradles a circle with a dollar sign ($) within it Accounting & Finance

Skilled Trades icon of a hard hat above a wrench Construction

Property Facility Management icon of what looks like a clipboard with symbolic lines of text, and below that images evoking two high rise or apartment or condo buildings Property & Facilities Management

Gigworks, Temp & Contract icon of a clipboard with some lines of text on it, with two hands shaking overlaid against the clipboard Gigworks, Temp & Contract Services



Facilities/Property Management


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Magda‘s career in the recruitment sector began in 2005. She commenced with an Accounting & Finance specialty firm. Based on the relationships Magda built, in 2010 she joined Stoakley-Stewart with the mandate of building the Construction division.

She is Stoakley-Stewart’s Construction Division Manager. Minus the hard hat and steel toed boots, she is a true industry expert!  Working with General Contractors, Trades, Owners, Engineers, Architects, Consulting firms, Developers and Landlords, she is able to talk-the-talk, allowing her to build trust, confidence and stronger relationships and credibility with clients and candidates alike.

Magda has worked with many of the leading Construction organizations on a national level, while at the same time she has managed searches for small boutique firms. She knows who the leading competitors are in the market in order to focus on direct recruiting top notch candidates from the right competitors. Magda takes pride in her ability to conduct exhaustive research and ask poignant questions leading directly to a full comprehension of the existing need and a complete picture of the ideal candidate with which to satisfy that need. Top talent is elusive and not always available at the time a need arises; Magda’s clients greatly appreciate this forward thinking approach to elevating the overall Human Capital assets resident within their Companies.

As a natural complement, overlap and extension of her Construction expertise, Magda has also immersed herself in the area of Property, Facilities and Real Estate recruitment the past decade. Coupled with Valerie Yuricek, the two form a dynamic duo!


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