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Photo of Trevor Stewart

Trevor Stewart, B.A., (Hons.)

President & Owner
Toronto and Milton, Ontario
905-821-3455 ext. 236

Areas of Expertise:

cargo ship icon in black, with shipping containers on board Freight Forwarding, Customs & Trade

Supply Chain, Logistics & Distribution icon of a warehouse at the top of the image, an arrow extends from the warehouse down and to the left, indicating direction of wares towards a transport truck, and from the transport truck an arrow extends to the right, pointing to another buildling where the wares will be further transported to for sale or storage etc. Supply Chain, Logistics & Distribution

Gigworks, Temp & Contract icon of a clipboard with some lines of text on it, with two hands shaking overlaid against the clipboard Gigworks, Temp & Contract Services


Customs Brokerage

Freight Forwarding

Supply Chain Management




All Positions

Trevor joined the Recruitment Profession immediately upon graduation from University and has never looked back. He began his specialist career with the firm in 2002 after 5 successful years with a large, international, generalist staffing agency wherein he held a number of senior positions. In 2007, Trevor’s love for both the industry in general and the organization in particular, gave him cause to purchase the company. As President, Trevor manages the organization while still personally maintaining his specialist Logistics recruitment desk.



Trevor is a Life-Long student of the “Art of Recruiting”! Trevor is constantly searching for the most extensive scientific research on effective selection methodologies. By devouring any and all literature he can get his hands on he is constantly learning and adapting in order to continuously improve the service he is able to deliver to his clients.

Trevor is a steadfast advocate of building extremely strong relationships with his clients. He is prepared to do whatever it takes to earn their loyalty and trust. In turn, his clients have been greatly rewarded for their loyalty by the exceptional employees that now work for their organizations.

Trevor does not pay “lip service” to his stance on client retention and the nurturing of strong business relationships; he lives and breathes this mantra daily. Proof can be found in the fact that he has been partnering with most of his current clients for over 10 years now; some for greater than 12 years. Another clear indication of his success stems from the fact that all of his new clients are a result of referrals from existing clients. Furthermore, a number of his past clients enjoyed working with Trevor so much so that they made the decision to personally become members of the Stoakley-Stewart team.

A large part of Trevor’s success stems from the dedicated effort he has exerted to become a specialist in the art of recruiting for Logistics professionals. Trevor has immersed himself in the Logistics industry and now sees himself more as a true contributing member of the logistics industry rather than simply an outsider servicing the Logistics market. Not allowing himself the luxury of “resting on his laurels”, Trevor is constantly striving to expand his network of contacts, improve his knowledge of the industry and hone his recruitment skills.

Trevor’s unique expertise and skills have given a number of magazines cause to seek him out as a source of literary input. You may view one of the articles Trevor has written by clicking the following link: Logistics Magazine Article

Trevor performs extensive searches when asked to fill a position for a client. There can be no rest until every stone has been turned; every obscure corner searched. After such an exhaustive search you can be sure that every single suitable candidate has been considered, subsequently discounted, or presented as one of the top 5 finalists.

A true “expert” in the Logistics industry and a master at finding the candidate who is not currently looking for a change in employment, Trevor can deliver the best possible candidates – even the competition’s top performer.

Canadian International Freight Forwarding Association
CCLA – Canadian Courier and Logistics Association
SCL – Supply Chain & Logistics Association
NPA – National Personnel Association
ACSESS – Association of Canadian Search, Employment & Staffing Services
Professional Engineers Ontario
HRPA – Human Resources Professional Association of Ontario
TCMTL – The Traffic Club of Montreal Inc.
PMAC – Purchasing Management Association of Canada


Our services are paid for by our employer clients. There is no cost to you, the candidate. Our recruitment consultants help talented professionals secure new, exciting and rewarding career opportunities. We treat each unique individual with professionalism, respect and integrity. And we aim to meet your distinct needs by matching you with the right employer and corporate culture for you.

Our Team

We house a team of top-notch consultants, each acting as a subject matter expert in their chosen field. They specialize in a small number of industry verticals and most of them have been employed in these same industries. This expansive breadth of experience allows, as a firm, to satisfy all of your hiring and employment needs.

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