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Vice President, Operations

Toronto, ON
Job ID 201520

Company Description

Our client, the Daily Bread Food Bank, successfully tasked us with sourcing, engaging and bringing to their organization their new Vice President of Operations to lead, guide and direct the organization to greater heights of operational efficiency and effectiveness and, in so doing, further their efforts to end hunger in our city!


Comprehensive compensation program, commensurate with experience and in-line with the not-for-profit status of the organization.

The Opportunity

Let’s just say that in terms of the “opportunity scale” this role ranks as a 10 out of 10. Very rarely can one mesh professional competencies and proficiency with the personal satisfaction associated with giving back to the community and making the world a better place!

If you are a Warehousing/Transportation/Logistics guru with a passion for philanthropic pursuits, a voracious appetite for volunteering and a penchant for not-for-profit empowerment, then this is the perfect opportunity for you.

Position Description

As the VP Operations, you will be wholly responsible for all warehousing, distribution and transportation function. Hence, you will have a deep well of expertise to draw upon within these disciplines, often referred to as an “expert” amongst your peer group. Ripe for change and rife with areas for improvement, you will have experience with change management and possess a keen eye for process design and optimization! Implementing industry leading best practices, spearheading transformative change, your continuous improvement efforts, in this case, result not in more dollars in corporate coffers but in more families sitting down to a healthy and fulfilling meal.

Experience with perishables, expiry dates and other such food related regulations and requirements is very important. A background in various types of warehousing environments is also a huge asset; such as the complexities associated with cooler space and the bone chilling realities that come with freezer storage.

You will be an agile thinker and nimble in your approach to volatility, uncertainty and variance. Each day has unique challenges, very few shipments will be consistent day to day or week to week and more often than not that which you are expecting is different from what you actually receive… drive optimization and deliver food to the city.

As transportation also falls under your purview, you will be strong in fleet management, routing, drivers, etc. etc.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you will be a talented and charismatic leader who has a knack for guiding, directing and empowering highly effective teams (inclusive of an ongoing volunteer workforce), as well as a interacting and engaging with external stakeholders.


  • 10+ years’ of warehousing & transportation experience.
  • 3+ years’ in senior leadership role.
  • Knowledge of specialized requirements associated with the storage and transportation of food products.


Post-Secondary education and/or Certifications specific to the logistics profession are an asset.


Post-Secondary education and/or Certifications specific to the logistics profession are an asset.

Additional Information

Date Posted: February 22, 2021
Job Type: Permanent, Full-Time
Industries: Not-for-profit
Job Categories: Senior Management
Manages Others: Yes
Required Travel: Moderate
Relocation Assistance: No

Learn More About the Recruiter

Trevor Stewart, B.A., (Hons.)

Trevor joined the Recruitment Profession immediately upon graduation from University and has never looked back. He began his specialist career with the firm in 2002 after 5 successful years with a large, international, generalist staffing agency wherein he held a number of senior positions. In 2007, Trevor’s love for both the industry in general and the organization in particular, gave him cause to purchase the company. As President, Trevor manages the organization while still personally maintaining his specialist Logistics recruitment desk.

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Trevor Stewart, B.A., (Hons.)


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